Pooled Energy

Advanced water chemistry

Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC) is Pooled’s chemical management system for swimming pools designed to minimise chemical usage, save time, and deliver clean, clear water. AWC chemicals are delivered to you two or three times a year as part of your Pooled subscription.  It is a small package of chemicals that you simply add to your pool.

Disinfection without acid

Chlorine is a great disinfectant but only works at a pH below 7.8.  But most pools want to drift up to their natural pH of about 8.5.  So, you need to keep adding pool acid to lower pH.

AWC uses bromine instead of chlorine.  Bromine is very similar to chlorine but works at the pool’s natural pH.  AWC tricks the chlorinator into producing bromine instead of chlorine.  You don’t normally need to add acid or keep dangerous chemicals around.

Balance without chemicals

Water balance refers to the balance between calcium, carbonate and pH in the pool.  If the pool is out of balance, you may get problems with calcium deposits or surface pitting.

Because the pool is always at its natural pH the water is always in balance.  At high pH only tiny amounts of calcium and carbonate are needed – just the natural levels that come in with the water supply and dissolve from air are enough to maintain water balance.  So, you don’t need to add calcium hardener, buffer or acid.

Looks and feels great

Chlorine pools can produce highly irritant chemicals called chloramines, or “combined chlorine”.  These reactive chemicals cause skin and eye irritation, strong “chlorine” smells, and can cause respiratory problems. 

AWC does not use chlorine, so these chemicals are not present in Pooled pools.

AWC also incorporates magnesium and mild phosphate suppressors and clarifier. These all work to remove suspended matter from the pool, giving you sparkling water with startling clarity.