Pooled Energy

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Energy efficient smart pool technology

Pooled’s pool automation solution plugs in sensors and an Intelligent Pool Controller© (IPC) to your existing pool equipment to improve your filtration efficiency. The sensors and IPC intelligently use information about electricity demand and pricing, solar output, weather, time of year and your pool chemistry to control when and how hard your pool equipment runs.

By intelligently taking control, Pooled optimises how much electricity your pool uses 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to reduce your energy use and costs.

Automatic pool chemical system

Pooled is a breakthrough in pool chemistry that not only keeps your pool looking and feeling spectacular but also reduces the number and amount of chemicals you need and the running time of your chlorinator and filter pump.

Pooled Advanced Water Chemistry introduces bromine, a premium disinfectant more commonly found in spas or hot tubs than backyard pools. This allows pools to operate at a higher, more natural pH than conventional chemistry, largely eliminating the need to add acid, buffers, calcium and other chemicals. 

Pooled automatically delivers pool chemicals to your door twice a year, in two small jars that fit in a shoebox. Other than that, you typically only need to add regular salt and magnesium to your pool.

As well as less chemicals, Advanced Water Chemistry achieves more spectacular pool water that looks amazing and feels better on the skin and eyes, making for a more comfortable swim.

You won’t need to manually test your pool water ever again!

Find out more about the science behind Pooled chemical system.

Automated Pool Maintenance & Monitoring

Pooled’s fully automated solution, which is enabled by our sensors, Intelligent Pool Controller© and Advanced Water Chemistry, saves valuable time on pool maintenance, as you no longer need to manually test and manage the pool water chemistry.

Pooled automatically:

  • monitors your pool water
  • controls and optimises when and how hard your pool equipment operates
  • gives you remote control via your Pooled app, to operate your pool equipment yourself (including the pool heater) so you can get the water temperature just right before you swim
  • sends you the Advanced Water Chemistry pool chemicals twice a year
  • monitors and alerts you when your pool equipment is blocked or faulty
  • monitors the overall health of your pool equipment, providing early detection before it affects the pool water
  • automatically manages chlorine via your chlorinator (if you have one); and
  • tells you when you need to top up salt, and how much to put in.


Essentially, the Pooled app keeps you informed and alerts you when something needs your attention.

While Pooled takes control of your pool equipment, the Pooled app gives you a simple dashboard and interactive control so you can monitor and manage your pool equipment from the comfort of your living room.