Pooled Energy

Our customers

As a Pooled customer you are part of a community of pool owners who are saving energy, money and time when looking after their pool.

Most importantly, your pool water is clean, healthy and crystal clear. Looking after your pool really is a breeze with Pooled.

Pool Owners Guide

Your Pooled service is an automated monitoring and management system that will keep your pool water clean and healthy.

To help it work best, we’ve put together a Pool Owners Guide. The guide explains the simple tasks that you need to complete, such as removing leaves from your filter box and maintaining the right water level.

Reconnecting your Pooled Service

Your Pooled remote monitoring and automated service should be connected to our Network Operating Centre to work effectively. If your system is disconnected you can follow our simple Pooled Reconnection Guide to get connected. It’s as simple as plugging your equipment into a power outlet, checking an indicator light, and making sure you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Pooled welcomed to the Intellihub Group

Pooled is now part of the Intellihub Group, a large Australian and New Zealand energy technology company. It’s a great sign of confidence in our pool services and technology. Together with the Intellihub technology team, we are continuing to work on exciting new updates to our Intelligent pool controller and other remote monitoring equipment. These improvements will provide an even more reliable pool monitoring system that will unlock greater value and better services for you. We hope to have this new Pooled 2.0 technology available for you to test from the start of next summer.