Pooled Energy

Advanced Water Chemicals delivered to your door

Deliveries of our Advanced Water Chemicals have started – in time for the start of the summer swimming season.

Each delivery contains a pH Calibration Kit and sealed jars of chemicals.

One jar contains our special Bromide Up formula, the other a water conditioner.

Before you add the chemicals, it’s important that you first conduct your pH calibration test and enter the results into the Pooled App.

Then simply open the jars and add them to your pool and skimmer box.

Just refer to the instruction provided with your package, which explains everything you need to do.

Sometimes, pools can become cloudy for a short period after adding the chemicals, especially if buffer has previously been added. This can be cleared up by running extra filtration, and the pool can still be used for swimming.

The chemical delivery is part of your Pooled subscription and helps to keeps your pool water clean, healthy, and crystal clear.

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