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Why Does pH Matter so Much in Swimming Pool Water?

Regular pH tests are a way of life for many swimming pool owners, but why? In this article, we explore some of the most common questions around pH and the use of chlorine, as well as a superior option for safe and clear swimming water. First up, what is pH? Measuring pool water pH means […]

Common Swimming Pool Terms Simplified

Keeping a pool clean and comfortable is a technical business. However, pool owners shouldn’t feel worried or intimidated by all the jargon. Here are some common swimming pool terms you should know, what they mean and why they are important. pH This is the first thing that needs management in a pool!  pH indicates how […]

Rust on Stainless Steel parts in swimming pools

Are you seeing rust or corrosion on stainless steel components in your swimming pool? What does the manufacturer or the pool shop say? They say it’s the water chemistry, right? Too acid or too alkaline or some costly chemical component they can sell you is missing. Wrong! It’s not the water. It’s not the chemicals. […]

Transforming your pool from green to clean – the lasting solution

Camilla’s green pool was a ‘pea soup’ – until the Pooled team, headed by Thomas, came to the rescue. The Pooled system was installed on Monday 29 October 2018 – when Camilla’s green pool looked like this. By Thursday 1 November 2018 the difference was clear. Camilla’s pool is now in a monitoring period – […]

How can Pooled sensors identify when my pool is leaking?

Pooled can often detect when your pool has a leak by monitoring the history of your salinity readings. Below is a trend of a pool’s salinity over 5 weeks. In a pool without a leak, the salinity would typically be unchanged over this period. The rate of loss is really high and this big pool […]