Pooled Energy

Keep your Pooled system working well this summer

Kids swimming underwater in a clean pool - managed by Pooled

With swimming season upon us, it’s a good time to remember the few simple steps you need to take to help your Pooled system work best. It’s all summarised in Our Pool Owners Guide. The guide explains the simple tasks that you need to complete, such as removing leaves from your filter box, cleaning your […]

Sign up to your new Pooled agreement

As part of our transition to the Intellihub Group, we are asking our customers to update their details and sign up to their new customer contract.

Reconnecting to Pooled

Your Pooled service is an automated monitoring and management system that will keep your pool water clean and healthy.

Pool Owners Guide

The winter chill may have plunged your swimming season into hibernation; however your Pooled service is still working to keep your pool water clean and crystal clear.