Pooled Energy

Disconnecting from Pooled

The following steps guide how to unplug your Pooled equipment so you can manually run your chlorinator and pool pump.

Step 1: Unplug the chlorinator

Unplug the chlorinator from your Intelligent Pool Controller and plug it into a power outlet. Switch it on.

Pooled Unit

Step 2: Unplug the pump

Unplug the pump from your Intelligent Pool Controller. Plug it into the bottom of your pool chlorinator.

This is important to give the chlorinator full control over the pump.

Step 3: Set the chlorinator to auto

Set your chlorinator to Auto then use the timer button to set which times you would like your chlorinator to turn on and off.

Please note there are many chlorinators on the market. It if worth searching online your model’s manual to understand its settings.

Step 4: Check your equipment

Check your equipment is plugged in and running correctly.

Contact your local pool shop to organise any ongoing pool maintenance or assistance.