Pooled Energy

Do you have an Infinity Pool? It’s cooling the water by several degrees.

Infinity Edge pools look marvellous with that waterfall over the edge and the sublime look with the eye drawn to infinity over perfect water.

However, that waterfall is an excellent evaporative cooler that can cool the pool by several degrees, waste a lot of water through evaporation and use up far more chemicals than you need.  The reason is the waterfall has a large area as it falls and accelerates evaporation and loss of chemicals.  You may also get a salty mist from salty pools that can impact your garden.

What to do?

A Pooled automation system will set pool operations so that in normal operation the water will come up to the infinity edge and produce the wonderful look for which you purchased the pool.   The water will just trickle over the edge and there will be no large waterfall.  Instead, most of the water to be filtered will run through the skimmer box.  Your pool will be warmer and use much less electricity, water and chemicals.

When you have a swim, a party or want to show off the pool, simply press ‘WATERFALL ON’ on the Pooled Pool App on your SmartPhone or Tablet. The filtered water will flow over the infinity edge and the pump will increase speed to enhance the effect.

You will save a great deal with Pooled and have a warmer pool.  Please note that the operation described above requires automatic valves to be added to your pool.  


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