Pooled Energy

How much energy does the average swimming pool use?

Everyone who owns a pool, knows they use a lot of energy and are looking for ways to reduce pool energy consumption.

Pool energy consumption ranges from 8,000 kWh per year for a small pool to 15,000 kWh per year for a large home. Of course this is dependent on the type of equipment you’re operating and the size of the equipment. At a minimum you will be operating a pump and chlorinator, then add your pressure cleaners and heaters. Based on the pools automated by Pooled, we know that pools account for approximately 30% of household energy consumption. This percentage will vary depending on the size of your pool compared to the size of the house, as well as your household appliances and how often they run.

How can you reduce your pool’s energy consumption?

There are a number of options available to you:

  1. Run the pool for fewer hours. Not entirely practical if you want to maintain a clean, healthy pool.
  2. Install Solar PV panels. The cost can be prohibitive for many households, but they will help you reduce energy consumption.
  3. Install a Home Storage Battery. This is more of a future option for most people given the very high cost of the technology right now.
  4. Install a variable speed pump. A variable speed pump has the potential to reduce the energy consumption of your pool pump. Your savings will be dependent on settings and only apply to the pump. 
  5. Install Pooled pool automation to optimise the efficiency of all of your pool equipment, to achieve a reduction of the total pool energy usage.

Pooled is a pool automation solution that significantly reduces your pool energy consumption, while improving the quality of the pool water. 

*Based on a 1.1KW filter pump, 200 Watt chlorinator, Typical Jet-Vac or Polaris pressure cleaner and a 1.7KW solar pump running typical operating hours in Sydney

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