Pooled Energy

Introducing Michael from Pooled

Michael Kasprowicz CEO Pooled

We’re pleased to welcome Michael Kasprowicz to the Pooled team as our new General Manager.

Michael has great experience leading teams both on and off the sporting field, and he brings a great new consumer focused perspective to Pooled and our customers

“I’ve always enjoyed the Australian summer, and part of that enjoyment for many families involves time shared together around the pool,” Michael said.

“It is something unique about our Australian lifestyle.

“But as a first-time pool owner, I also know the difficulty many of us face working out how to keep our pool clean.

“Getting the right balance of chemicals, running equipment at the right time, and knowing how to keep your water clean and healthy – it’s complicated and time-consuming.

“It can needlessly increase energy consumption, which quickly adds up to too much money.

“This is where Pooled can help. Pooled does most of the hard work for us, leaving more time to spend enjoying the pool.

“My focus since I joined Pooled has been to help you get reconnected after we came back online with the help of the Intellihub Group. “I’ve also had an eye on the future, and I’m excited by what I’m seeing. Together with Intellihub we have big plans for Pooled 2.0, with more reliable and secure technology and new services for pool owners.”

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