Pooled Energy

New Chemical Control Algorithm is now operating in your pool

We work continually on improving the system and have recently upgraded you to a new and smarter adaptive control algorithm. Your pool should now use lower chemical levels, less electricity and also have better feeling, more comfortable water.   This algorithm goes hand-in-hand with the new Pooled Solar Optimiser Algorithm.

The new algorithm is adaptive. It learns your pool and then makes gentle adjustments as required. Please note that there are a small number of pools, typical those with poor circulation, where some manual tuning may be required. The reason is that the water being sensed is not typical of all of the water in a pool as there can be quite large ‘dead spots’ with little circulation. In those cases, your chlorination level may need to be manually adjusted. If so, please call us or use the chlorination control on your Pool App to adjust the level up or down as required.

All pools tend to have some small dead-spots. It is too much to ask for circulation to be perfect everywhere and the circulation you have is almost entirely determined by the shape of your pool and the plumbing in the shell. If you have dead-spots where you get a little algae, typically on flat sunny swim-outs and steps in corners, please just sprinkle a little powdered chlorine on the spot and give it a light brush. The brushing removes the protective coating on the algae.

Algae control is essentially a trade-off between zapping the pool with so much (expensive) chlorine that no spot escapes, and comfortable water without red-eye problems.

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