Pooled Energy

Reduce Swimming Pool electricity use while improving water quality

When you slow most things down it is quite reasonable to expect that you will save a bit of energy, just think of the difference between running and walking or driving your car more slowly. In most cases a 10% reduction in speed gives you a 10% reduction in energy. Pool Pumps are different however […]

What Sort of Pool Sweep, Cleaner or Robot Should I Buy?

A pool sweep or robot makes a pool much easier to manage and keep clean.  You can hand vacuum the pool, brush the bottom or flail away with a net, but it is quite a chore.  If you want a clean, automated pool, we would strongly recommend an automated pool sweep.

Do you have an Infinity Pool? It’s cooling the water by several degrees.

Infinity Edge pools look marvellous with that waterfall over the edge and the sublime look with the eye drawn to infinity over perfect water. However, that waterfall is an excellent evaporative cooler that can cool the pool by several degrees, waste a lot of water through evaporation and use up far more chemicals than you […]